“Engineer Turned Entrepreneur” sharing session at NTU

Mr Ng Swee Peng , a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) alumni graduate from the EEE was invited by NTU, Career & Attachment Office (CAO) on 20th September 2017 to conduct a sharing session on “Engineer Turned Entrepreneur” to fellow NTU undergraduate and graduate students.  The purposes of the talk are to give students a better understanding of their profession , overcome challenges and to realize their hidden potentials to achieve their dreams. As one of the participants has termed, it was “knowledge beyond academic !” . Mr Ng hoped the enthusiasm and spirit of entrepreneurship will continue like the interaction he had with the fellow participants during Q&A session that was extended beyond the scheduled time of 6.30pm to almost 8pm !

The session may have ended but participants are welcome to ask questions or provide feedback by clicking Here ; or write to Mr Ng directly through the online form if you need any advice in your studies, career or entrepreneurship.

Finally, may all the fellow participants continue to embrace numerous challenges ahead and achieve many success in near future!

Technopreneurship Sharing Session with TP students

Our director, Mr Ng Swee Peng was invited as a guest speaker to share his views on Technopreneurship with Temasek Polytechnic Business Process & Systems Engineering Final Year Students on 1st Nov 2016. Hope this sharing session will inspire more students to be interested in engineering and take engineering to an entrepreneurship level one day.

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Technopreneurship sharing session
Sharing experiences as an technopreneur
Technopreneurship sharing session
Group photo with students

Advisory on the modernisation of existing lifts

Circular from BCA on 3 Oct 16 – Advisory on the modernisation of existing lifts to enhance reliability and performance

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SPNG Consultants’ comments:

As stated in the circular, before carrying out the lift modernisation works, lift owner needs to take note for the following: 

i) A lift owner must need to inform BCA before he can start these works. He must engage a registered lift service contractor to carry out the works under the supervision of an independent Authorised Examiner (“AE”).
ii) Any existing Permit-to-Operate (“PTO”) will cease to be valid whilst the works are being done.
iii) Upon completion, an AE must examine, inspect and test the lift and issue a certificate that states that the lift is fit for operation before the owner can apply to BCA for a PTO.

Residents or occupants should be notified on the schedule of modernisation of works through notices.  Continue reading “Advisory on the modernisation of existing lifts”

BCA encourages lift owners to modernise lifts

Circular from BCA on 26 Sep 16 – BCA encourages lift owners to modernise lifts

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SPNG Consultants’ comments:

We applaud BCA’s encouragement to lift owners to modernise the lifts. Lift modernisation is a process in which the existing old lifts are upgraded after a long period of lift operation (e.g. > 20 years of service). In some cases, they are upgraded at even shorter period of operation due to its critical breakdowns. Such upgrading is essential to bring them on par with newer lifts with the incorporation of newly added features such as light curtain, unintended car movement (UCMP) and governor rope tension switch. These features together with an energy efficient controller system can enhance the lift energy efficiency through improved technology, reliability, safety and reduce the its breakdown rates. It also resolves the issues of spare parts obsolescence as the lifts ages. Continue reading “BCA encourages lift owners to modernise lifts”

Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016

Circular from BCA on 25 July 16 – Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016

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SPNG Consultants’ comments:

This circular is to inform on the amendments to the Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2005. It is renamed to Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Mainenance ) Regulations 2016. 

It includes the new requirement to apply to BCA for a Permit to Operate (“PTO”) by the owner before he can operate the lift/escalator. The application of PTO comes with the following:

(a) A completed PTO application form;
(b) A certificate from the AE that the lift/escalator is in a fit condition for operation; and
(c) Relevant application fee.

Continue reading “Building Maintenance and Strata Management (Lift, Escalator and Building Maintenance) Regulations 2016”

Lift Consultancy

SPNG Consultants Pte. Ltd. begins its operation in year 2015.  The founder of the company, Swee Peng believes in sharing his engineering knowledge and giving technical advices to ensure the right engineering solutions are given to clients.

Our core business is to provide consultancy services for upgrading (modernization), total replacement of lift & escalator for existing buildings, building industrial energy efficient system and training for professionals. This includes site survey, lift maintenance audit and feasibility studies report. In addition, we also serve as liaison officer to owner to coordinate with the lift contractors.

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Providing Industry Opportunities To ITE students

Our company emphasizes on corporate social responsibility (CSR) beyond just daily business operations. We have our strong belief that we need to contribute back to our society such as giving students’ opportunities to gain exposure to the industry needs as such as possible.

With that in mind,  instead of engaging professional designer to design our corporate logo, SPNG Consultants decided to give this corporate logo design opportunity to ITE College Central (Visual Communication Design) students. This would give the students an opportunity to show case their creativity and talent to design corporate logo for company branding.  It also gave students an understanding of industry expectations to enhance their learning journey in school.

We would like to give special thanks to all the staff of ITE College Central for organizing the logo competition and to all students for their efforts to produce outstanding logo artworks. Lastly, we thanked the school for presenting a token of appreciation to us for the industry collaboration effort.

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