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Creating a new Face Lift
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Modernization Process

To enhance lift performance through overhaul, replacement or modernization.

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Maintenance Review

To review existing and new maintenance contract so as to improve service performance.

Health Conditioning Check

To identify lift faults and defects to reduce its breakdown rates.

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Lift Management

Oversee and manage lift breakdowns, man trap and other incidents that discrupt the smooth operation of the lift traffic.

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Tender Preparation & Evaluation

Prepare the Tender Documents in accordance to the recommendations.

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Project Management

Liaise with contractor on all matters pertaining to lift or escalator upgrading works.

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Lift Traffic Simulation

To perform lift traffic simulation to analyse the lift traffic profile during peak and off peak hours.

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Escalator Management

Oversee and manage escalator breakdowns and performance.

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Handover Inspection

Ensure that lift or escalator parts are replaced in accordance to contract requirements.

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To provide training for building owners such as lift safety awareness.