BCA encourages lift owners to modernise lifts

Circular from BCA on 26 Sep 16 – BCA encourages lift owners to modernise lifts

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SPNG Consultants’ comments:

We applaud BCA’s encouragement to lift owners to modernise the lifts. Lift modernisation is a process in which the existing old lifts are upgraded after a long period of lift operation (e.g. > 20 years of service). In some cases, they are upgraded at even shorter period of operation due to its critical breakdowns. Such upgrading is essential to bring them on par with newer lifts with the incorporation of newly added features such as light curtain, unintended car movement (UCMP) and governor rope tension switch. These features together with an energy efficient controller system can enhance the lift energy efficiency through improved technology, reliability, safety and reduce the its breakdown rates. It also resolves the issues of spare parts obsolescence as the lifts ages.

We do recommend lift owners to have a detailed lift assessment such as feasibility studies for upgrading before confirming the scope of work for lift upgrading or total replacement. In some cases, lift defects are able to resolve through thorough regular maintenance checks and servicing whereby lift upgrading are unnecessary. As such, there must be a systematic engineering approach to resolve the lift issues.