Below are some of the questions frequently asked by building owners:

  1. Why do I need an independent lift consultant when I can approach our existing lift maintenance providers?

Reply: You may approach the existing lift maintenance provider for free technical advice, however, their replies may not be addressing owner’s concerns and interests.  As an independent lift consultant, we serve as a liaison officer for the owner to liaise with the lift contractor on technical issues and provide a report based on our site survey findings.

  1. Does it help to reduce the lift breakdown rate if I engage an independent lift consultant?

Reply: A site survey shall be conducted and findings shall be recorded in the report.    Upon clearing the defects highlighted by the consultant, the lift breakdown rate shall reduce if the causes of the lift breakdown are identified. We will also provide recommendations if breakdown rates doesn’t improve.

  1. Is it necessary to upgrade or totally replaced the lifts if our lifts keeps breaking down?

Reply:  It depends on the lift conditions and its life span to decide if it is necessary to upgrade or totally replaced the lifts . A systematic approach has to be carried out before deciding whether the lift are indeed unserviceable . You may contact us to conduct a preliminary site survey to assess your lift conditions.

  1. Is it costly to engage an independent lift consultant?

Reply:  We emphasize strongly on providing affordable rates for the community at large so that owners can afford to engage consultants to assess their existing lifts.

  1. Do you have track records?

Reply: Our clients include hotel, church, private house, condominium and shopping mall. We received positive feedback from our clients. More info about our track records can be found here.