“Engineer Turned Entrepreneur” sharing session at NTU

Mr Ng Swee Peng , a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) alumni graduate from the EEE was invited by NTU, Career & Attachment Office (CAO) on 20th September 2017 to conduct a sharing session on “Engineer Turned Entrepreneur” to fellow NTU undergraduate and graduate students.  The purposes of the talk are to give students a better understanding of their profession , overcome challenges and to realize their hidden potentials to achieve their dreams. As one of the participants has termed, it was “knowledge beyond academic !” . Mr Ng hoped the enthusiasm and spirit of entrepreneurship will continue like the interaction he had with the fellow participants during Q&A session that was extended beyond the scheduled time of 6.30pm to almost 8pm !

The session may have ended but participants are welcome to ask questions or provide feedback by clicking Here ; or write to Mr Ng directly through the online form if you need any advice in your studies, career or entrepreneurship.

Finally, may all the fellow participants continue to embrace numerous challenges ahead and achieve many success in near future!