Advisory on the modernisation of existing lifts

Circular from BCA on 3 Oct 16 – Advisory on the modernisation of existing lifts to enhance reliability and performance

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SPNG Consultants’ comments:

As stated in the circular, before carrying out the lift modernisation works, lift owner needs to take note for the following: 

i) A lift owner must need to inform BCA before he can start these works. He must engage a registered lift service contractor to carry out the works under the supervision of an independent Authorised Examiner (“AE”).
ii) Any existing Permit-to-Operate (“PTO”) will cease to be valid whilst the works are being done.
iii) Upon completion, an AE must examine, inspect and test the lift and issue a certificate that states that the lift is fit for operation before the owner can apply to BCA for a PTO.

Residents or occupants should be notified on the schedule of modernisation of works through notices. 

We advise lift owners to have feasible project schedule that is achievable by lift contractor to complete the works without causing unexpected delay that leads to inconvenience to residents and tenants. In many cases, an”overambitious”project timeline or poor project management will lead to failure in handling over the project on time. 

A well planned project timeline will give lift contractor sufficient time to do a proper lift installation, testing and commissioning of the lift. With a good lift installation, it will improve the lift performance and reduces the lift breakdown in near future.