Lift Breakdown

Just like a human, we may have a fever when we are not feeling well. A lift shall breakdown when it faces technical issues such as triggering of safety circuit may lead to both electrical and/or mechanical tripping of the system. If a lift fails to shut down its operation and continues to run with hidden technical issues, it may lead to unsafe operation of the lifts.

Notwithstanding this, it does not mean that regular breakdown is a normal lift symptom. Thorough investigation is required to determine the causes of its breakdown. We do not think that by merely resetting the lift controller will solve the technical issues. In our opinion, it may just be an action to erase the fault in the lift program which may still arise if the source of the technical issue is not identified and/or rectified. We advise lift service maintenance personnel to identify the source of the problem instead of frequent resetting the lift system.

If the lift continues to breakdown after rectification by lift contractor, building owner or managing agent may contact us for a comprehensive approach to resolve the lift breakdown issues.