Customer's Review

Good Service

Excellent consultancy service.

Assistant Building Manager

Significant Assistance

Lift breakdown rate has reduced after engaging SPNG Consultants as an independent lift consultant.

Private House

Professional Service

You have conducted the survey professionally.

Property Manager

Recommended Brand

Should we come across other owners we know who are in the same predicament as us, we would suggest that they engage your services.

Director of Administration

Deeply Appreciative

For a mere sum, SPNG was able to do a systematic and somewhat comprehensive analysis of the lifts and provide a very useful report for us to study and revert to the lift contractor for action. We learnt a lot from the conversation we had and are very much appreciated.

Property Executive


Very professional.

Deputy Director
Resort Management Group

Recommended To Others

We would recommend the services of SPNG Consultants Pte Ltd to other condominiums considering modernizing or replace its lift system or simply carrying out a health assessment of existing lifts.

Assistant Property Manager

Completed Deliverables

Very detailed and all mentioned points are well noted.

Senior Manager
Shopping Mall

Professional Consulting

SPNG have answered and delivered their expertise advise on Lift upgrading queries. Responsive and efficient in terms of work attitude.

Property Management Officer

Very Grateful

Thank you SPNG for the Preliminary Report which was done professionally which had assisted us to identify several lift defects and symptoms. It had enabled us to have a sit down discussion with our proprietary lift maintenance contractors and to date, most of the issues had been resolved and the breakdown rates reduced.


Excellent Service In Several Areas

Throughout the project, Swee Peng had displayed professionalism and integrity of the highest level. He has been extremely meticulous in his work and his approachable style had made him a joy to work with. In additional, he had no qualms of making additional trips to conduct checks and supervision of the work being carried out. I would strongly recommend Swee Peng to building owner that would be considering modernization of lifts for his in-depth knowledge of lifts, professionalism, dedication, and commitment to his work.

Senior Manager of Property Management

Excellent Customer Service

We are very satisfied with SPNG’s performance in the handling of the project. SPNG was very competent, meticulous and diligence in ensuring that the appointed lift contractor carry out the work in full compliance with the specifications and ensure the smooth completion of the project according to the scheduled time. At all times in their handling of the project, SPNG also has the interests of the client at heart and did their best to secure and protect the interests of the client.

Property Management