lift management

Conventionally lift companies maintain the lifts based on preventive maintainence on a scheduled monthly servicing. Very often, the performance of the lifts are not monitored on a day-to-day other than monthly basis. As such, any new defect or abormality of the lifts are unknown until it has been serviced or inspected thoroughtly. This may lead to frequent lift breakdown and a longer lift downtime. With our very own lift management program, SPNG provides maintenance service proposals based on the lift operating profiles, real time and historial datas; and develop both predictive and preventive maintenance regime to enhance the lift performance.

Excellent Customer Service

We are very satisfied with SPNG’s performance in the handling of the project. SPNG was very competent, meticulous and diligence in ensuring that the appointed lift contractor carry out the work in full compliance with the specifications and ensure the smooth completion of the project according to the scheduled time. At all times in their handling of the project, SPNG also has the interests of the client at heart and did their best to secure and protect the interests of the client.

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